Ep 2 – Peter Buckley Hill part 2 (POD Comedy)

Our second episode of the POD Comedy podcast with your host Jay Islaam.

In August 2014, POD Comedy will be taking a live show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. So if you’re visiting the world’s biggest arts festival later this year then be sure to come along and see what we’re up to. Full details will be made available here in July.

Staying with our Edinburgh Fringe theme, this episode continues our exclusive interview with Peter Buckley Hill, the man behind The Free FringePeter had so much to say that we couldn’t fit it all into our first episode. So this is part two of the interview.

In this episode, Peter talks about how acts are selected for The Free Fringe, the variety of performers who visit the Edinburgh Festival and the culture shock that awaits show producers when they get there. He also describes the socialist principles that have made The Free Fringe possible, and yet challenge its very survival.

Peter also explains his objections to the operations of rival organisations, whom he describes as “dishonourable imposters.”  Finally, he discusses the future of The Free Fringe following his retirement from performing and from the organisation itself. 

We hope you enjoy the show. :)